I am a writer.


Nothing's more fun than assembling a string of words in the right order. Bold statement, right? Think of the power; the ability to influence. Get the story right and you've got everything you're looking for. And yes, sometimes it takes a preposition at the end of the sentence to get it right. But screw it up and the game is over. People hear things on their own terms so the voice needs to connect. 


So here's the deal. I've spent a lot of years learning the rules of the write. My voice is approachable and authentic. It comes through as honest and empathetic. And perhaps a little snarky, but not that really obvious, grating and annoying kind of snarky. I'm a great researcher who digs into understanding the audience and the topic, plus I turn things around fast and clean. 

I love good design. I am not a designer. To confirm, here is a list of the things I like to write presented for your reading pleasure, not your viewing pleasure. 

Ad campaigns


Business plans and summaries


Email content

Investor relations materials

Long-form content

News releases

Online content for websites, email and SEO

Product and category descriptions

Research briefs

This is a list of companies who have paid me to write.



AKG Acoustics

American Honda Motor Company



Blue Nile


Bradley Frank, PhD

Cebridge Communications

Charter Communications

Colonel Littleton




Gateway Health System

Goo Goo Clusters

Harman International

HG Hill Grocery Stores

Integrated Sports Management


Jacobs Cohen & Associates

MacMac Marketplace

Nashville Predators


Prime Cable

Rakuten Ichiba

Reviews from Friends

Sprintz Furniture


Tennessee Dead

Tip Television/New Shoes Media

Wegman’s Food Markets

World Food Championships

Words are ready for immediate delivery in the right order if my style resonates with you. 

Bobby Frank



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