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AdviceHub was a free patient-to-patient chat messaging application that allowed a physician's new patients to connect privately with past patients for recommendations and reviews. 


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“You need surgery” may be the scariest thing we tell our patients.

Fear and anxiety are widely regarded as major impediments to scheduling surgery. They lead to delays that, in many cases, exacerbate problems, impact quality of life and compound the issues faced by patients. As surgeons, we can access amazing tools and apply our skills to help our patients realize life-changing outcomes but despite all of the information we provide, fear and anxiety often rule the decision to move forward. Consider that in 2014, 14 million Americans were diagnosed with knee arthritis. Roughly seven million of these patients were eligible for a knee replacement, yet only 700,000 had the surgery. Ninety percent of patients did nothing, other than perhaps treating the symptoms with a knee injection.  Ninety percent.

Granted, nobody really wants to have surgery, especially if they are unsure about the expected outcome and the recovery. While an incredible amount of information is only one click away, it overwhelms many patients. Rather than providing comfort, it paralyzes them. The content on popular healthcare websites is easily misinterpreted and provider review sites like Healthgrades and Vitals tend to skew toward the polar extremes of highly satisfied and highly dissatisfied patients. For a skilled surgeon, the key to helping patients overcome their anxiety may actually be the voices of previous patients. 

Enter AdviceHub, a free patient-to-patient anonymous chat messaging service that connects new patients seeking information about a surgery, doctor, hospital or implant company, with prior patients who have experienced exactly the same thing the new patient is contemplating. With patient data uploaded directly by healthcare providers and hospitals, the HIPAA-compliant platform displays searchable patient profiles and allows patients to ask questions and exchange information. No PHI is shared, nor is any contact or personally identifiable information. Patients have the option of linking their Facebook friends and Google contacts, which allows us to identify “friends” in our search results. Advice from friends carries instant credibility since it comes from a trusted source. 


In a recent survey of AdviceHub users, we found that:

  • 57% of those surveyed prefer to get advice about a medical procedure from people their connections. 

  • 80% reported that learning about other people’s experiences with surgery makes them feel more comfortable about having a similar procedure themselves. 

  • 66% would use AdviceHub to learn about a procedure and 64% would use it to help guide their choice of a surgeon.

  • 77% consider AdviceHub to be a unique way to access healthcare information.


We live in an era of highly personalized content so the one-to-one nature of the chats that occur on AdviceHub is more relevant than information found elsewhere. High relevancy equals high impact, and if the information increases comfort and reduces fear, it has the power to influence decisions. Think again about the 90% of eligible patients who choose not to have a knee replacement. Now imagine the impact on your practice if you performed surgery on another ten, twenty or fifty percent. 


To conclude, consider one more data point from the survey -- 67% of prior patients indicated that they registered with AdviceHub to share positive experiences and 53% did so to help their doctor. Prior patients are engaged, passionate and very willing to share their experiences. AdviceHub activates this largely dormant population to provide you with a proactive path to helping new patients make better decisions while building your reputation and practice at the same time.

AdviceHub Website Copy Excerpt

AdviceHub connects you with informed advice from people you know and others who have experienced what you’re facing.


AdviceHub is anonymous, free and easy to use. If you’re searching for advice, simply select a doctor, surgery, hospital or implant company and we’ll show you all of the people who have been there and done that. Register for a free account, then you can ask questions and get advice from any experienced patient on AdviceHub.


If you received an invitation from your doctor or hospital, just click on the link, confirm your information and provide your HIPAA consent to get started.


Whether you’re looking for advice or here to give it, you can make AdviceHub even more powerful by linking your Facebook friends and Google contacts, and entering your home address. You won’t see their names, and they won’t see yours, but when an Advice Card says “Friend” or “Neighbor,” you’ll both know you’re chatting with a connection or a neighbor who is close by.  


“AdviceHub really helped me when my doctor told me I needed a knee replacement. I found 4 people who my doctor operated on before and they all gave me great advice about what to expect before and after the surgery. I was so much more comfortable and confident going into the surgery.”


AdviceHub is different from the reviews sites you’ve probably already visited. Here, everything is direct, one-to-one communication between patients looking for information and patients who want to share what they experienced. Typical review sites are filled with general, unverified information that tends to confuse and frighten more than informs or comforts.


AdviceHub is real advice and people discuss all sorts of things here – doctor and surgeon references, recovery expectations, impact of surgery on quality of life, information about implant companies and brands. The chat messages you exchange are private and anonymous so your doctor -- or anyone else involved in your care -- never sees what you discuss.


Your privacy is top priority and AdviceHub is engineered to keep all of your personal informational private and protected. We never reveal your identity, contact information, the content of your chat conversations or any of your health information. It is all stored on the most secure HIPAA-compliant servers available. Even if you link your Facebook and Google accounts, we don’t share any information with those 3rd parties and only use those links to connect you with people you know.


Get started today. Registering is easy



The free AdviceHub patient-engagement platform anonymously connects your past patients with new patients for references, referrals and advice. It is not for every doctor, but if you provide superior care and want your patients to be able to share their experiences with new and potential patients, AdviceHub is for you.


New patients are concerned about surgery. They may have a sense of what to expect but their anxiety and fear of the unknown often causes them to delay or choose not to have a procedure that would improve their quality of life. Direct communication with past patients has always been an effective way to overcome the anxiety in a way that lets patients make informed, confident decisions. In the past, it was difficult to make these connections, and even when you could, it was difficult and awkward.


No more.


AdviceHub enables you to activate all of your past patients seamlessly. Simply sign our agreement and BAA, install a line of JavaScript to add our iFrame to your website, upload your past patient data to our secure HIPAA-compliant servers and encourage your new patients to chat with them on your website. We’ll do the rest.


  • You upload past patient data after signing our BAA

  • We email an invitation to join AdviceHub to your past patients

  • Past patients provide HIPAA consent and are added to the platform

  • New patients search for past patients who have experienced a surgery or procedure like the one they’re considering and send them private, anonymous chat messages

  • Past patients provide advice, references and reviews in a private chat that is visible only to the patients


The AdviceHub iFrame is easy to integrate. It can be done in a matter of minutes by anyone familiar with your web platform. Once installed, it displays only the patients you’ve uploaded so when you send new patients to your website, they will find patients you’ve helped.


AdviceHub is HIPAA compliant. We never share patient data and store all PHI on secure HIPAA-compliant servers. After signing our free BAA, your patient data upload becomes part of normal business operations in the same way your practice interacts with other SaaS platforms that manage scheduling, patient engagement and other services. We hold this data in a secure database and do not display any of the de-identified information until patients provide HIPAA consent and agree to be added to the platform.


AdviceHub provides you with an administrative portal where you can manage your patient data and monitor how often chat conversations between patients occur. Since all chat conversations between patients are private, you won’t be able to read what is being discussed and we let patients know that nothing will be shared with you or any other third parties.


In a world of unverified reviews sites that tend toward polarizing and confusing information, AdviceHub is different. Typical review sites are built as “one-to-many” platforms where generic reviews are seen and read by thousands of people. AdviceHub is strictly one-to-one. It is direct, personal and most importantly, highly relevant since past patient advice is given in response to new patient questions.


The result? Informed patients who are confident about the care you provide and the expected outcome of the surgeries they face.


Sign up today. AdviceHub is free for physicians and patients.