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Your organization is evolving. Time and bandwidth are limited. You need some additional brainpower. An outside perspective that is informed, knowledgeable and experienced. A well-connected, easy-to-work-with resource that provides strategic guidance and can also execute.
You've come to the right place.


RMF Associates was formed to help companies develop and execute strategies for growth.


Bobby Frank is the firm’s managing director and has broad experience in organizational leadership, strategy, marketing, entrepreneurism and relationship management. He is a creative problem solver adept at identifying new opportunities and developing monetization solutions. Bobby brings deep experience in the technical, marketing, merchandising, logistics, payments and customer service challenges associated with domestic and international eCommerce, and has worked extensively with leading retailers, marketplaces,

platforms, solutions providers and logistics companies in the space. His offline experience includes more than 10 years as president of a successful advertising agency that served well-known domestic and international brands. Having started and built three companies, Bobby also understands early-stage start-up needs as well as the opportunities and roadblocks companies encounter as they grow.

RMF Associates has a network of experienced professionals and service providers that can be engaged to meet client needs. Our network of geeks and creatives includes software engineers, data scientists, designers, financial gurus and industry experts. We are extremely well-connected to service providers in the eCommerce space and have done extensive due diligence on platforms, ESPs, personalization tools, global services, logistics providers and UI/UX optimization tools.




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